Let’s remember a Goethe quote: “You have to take things as they are. But we should also ensure that things are as they should be taken”.

We have to do economics, that’s our livelihood. But by what means and at what price? We think that economies with responsibility are the only admissable way. Taking responsibility means opening up design spaces. A willingness to take responsibility can be fun and unleash creativity.

We invite you to design products, projects and services that are suitable for a sustainable future – together with us. The “Sustainable Development Goals” can serve as a guideline, in conjunction with individual investment rules.


SAH is an investee in the form of a family office. Our strategy is not a large number of randomly collected investments according to the idea “before long, one will succeed”. We accompany our investments actively and over a longer period of time. Management services can also be offered.

Sustainable Asset Management is about using assets sustainably and responsibly. We are looking for markets and products that are pioneering in their sustainable orientation. Through our majority shareholder we are connected to the ISSO Institute and the Martin Görlitz Foundation.


Emission-free aviation

We have been investing in zero-emission aviation based on fuel cell aircraft for about ten years. We rely on the best aerodynamics knowledge from the construction of gliders and on the experience gained from well over 100,000 electrically operated flying hours in this field.

Preserving cultural heritage

“Firmly walled in the earth” – Schiller’s “Lied von der Glocke” famously begins with these words. Our oldest commitment to the historical heritage of the city of Koblenz has also been firmly walled for 600 years: the Florinsmarkt, a piece of neighbourhood development and the revitalization of a unique ensemble of historical buildings.

Using digitalization

Climate change needs data to find solutions, make decisions and also to overcome doubters. The company aeroDCS delivers more than just precise aerial images. Photogrammetric processes analyze environmental damage of all types and sizes, as well as georeferenced centimeter-accurate surveying up to 3D models.

Water is the most valuable commodity

We can do without almost everything, but not water. That is why we are committed to projects in the field of water and soil management. In the water use segment, Eco Rain AG develops solutions for particularly economical irrigation of green spaces and other areas.

Avoid CO2, cook in an environmentally friendly way

Many people in Africa are still dependent on collecting firewood to prepare their daily meals. Our SAVE80 project in Zambia has already delivered several thousand stoves which, in a combination of a good fireplace and cooking container, enable considerable savings in fuel and therefore CO2.


Our portfolio is made up of both start-ups and established companies. The following images are highlights of aspects of our range of activities. They give an impression of where we invest and why.

We are committed to a different way of doing business that requires fewer resources than our planet can sustainably provide, from flexible coworking options to energy-saving production methods.
The Florinsmarkt in Koblenz is one of our real estate investments. Preserving monuments through use: the central location in Koblenz’s old town is becoming a new center of urban life.
Sustainability also needs digitalization, despite all the controversy. We are committed to digitalization applications that demonstrate real sustainable benefits, such as the large-scale measurement and recording of environmental data.
We still have too little understanding of the soil beneath our feet, even though it is as vital to life as the air. Monocultures destroy biodiversity. We are committed to sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector.
Are you a good all-round business person with expertise in both product and business development? Is sustainable management important to you? Then apply quickly!
The consumption of resources from our environment must be limited everywhere, not just with fossil fuels. The SAVE80 stoves manage to save around 80% of fuel thanks to their good design and keep-warm technology.


For some of our projects, there are offers for other investors or the opportunity to take over an investment that we have developed over several years if it fits better into your portfolio and the human side is also right. Our investment strategy is “buy and build” – this aims to develop both economic and sustainability-related values.

We are looking for you as an employee if sustainable management is your own business and you want to make a constructive contribution to the team.

Neither of these? Subscribe to our news on environmental and technology projects in the field of sustainability.


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